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Anxiety Disorder

Understand and Manage Your Anxiety By Meeting with an Expert Anxiety Therapist.

Do social interactions make you feel uncomfortable, insecure, or overwhelmed?

Do you have a tendency to create big problems out of minor situations?

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a psychological disorder characterized by excessive worrying or obsession with control. If anxiety is impeding your daily functioning, it is time to meet with a professional trained in behavioral therapy who can bring awareness and clarity to your condition.

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorder?

  • Constant and uncontrollable nail biting.
  • Repetitive and insessant thoughts.
  • Frequent trips to the nurse or unnecessary doctor visits.
  • A persistent feeling of something being wrong.
  • Panic attacks or incapacitating phobias.
  • Difficulty trying potentially enjoyable hobbies or adventures.

According to the American Psychological Association, psychotherapy is an effective treatment that can help patients return to a level of functioning after a relatively short course of treatment. Timeless Therapy clinicians are trained in numerous psychotherapy strategies and experienced with cognitive behavioral therapy, the most widely-used therapy for treating anxiety disorders.

Targeted therapy for all levels of anxiety.

Anxiety does not have to be debilitating for you to seek help. We can always provide education and bring awareness to management strategies that are valuable for mild and severe cases alike. Together, we will develop strategies to alleviate whatever is causing your anxiety.

Can Anxiety Be Inherited?

Anxiety can be behavioral or neurological. Behavior-based anxiety revolves around triggers that cause anxiety-based thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As such, understanding patterns of behavior becomes an important avenue for treatment. Timeless Therapy clinicians can provide you with the guidance you need to evaluate how your negative thought patterns contribute to anxiety-driven behavior.

Neurologically-based anxiety is all about what is happening on a chemical level in the brain. In some families, GAD is passed down through generations, and certain people are born with a predisposition that is entirely out of their control. They may even experience similar or identical responses to external stimuli as their other family members.

Is Talk Therapy More Effective Than Medication?
Can Both Help?

Medication alone is never really the optimum form of treatment. Instead, it acts as a filter that slows down the chaos in your mind, allowing you to effectively use the tools and strategies you learn during behavioral therapy. Once you have set things at a manageable speed, you can dive in and process what you are feeling and why.

When it comes to GAD, the most helpful treatment strategy will vary on a case-by-case basis. People with severe chemical imbalances will likely benefit greatly from medication. However, psychotherapy will always be valuable. Anxiety therapy is beneficial in conjunction with anti-therapy medication, especially for the most severe cases.
Our highly educated clinicians are trained to accurately determine if medication is an appropriate direction for you and can connect you with an expert psychiatrist when necessary.

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