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An evidence-based technique for dealing with trauma

Timeless Therapy boasts clinicians who are trained and certified in EMDR therapy. Beyond utilizing the technique, they have the ability to integrate it into the therapy process. By combining EMDR with other psychotherapy strategies, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive trauma treatment package.

What Is EMDR and How Does It Work?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a brain-based approach to releasing traumatic memories that become encapsulated or trapped in an individual’s mind and body. The technique is based on the notion that the mind can heal from psychological trauma, much like how the body recovers from physical trauma.

During the EMDR process, the therapist utilizes eye movements and bilateral stimulation to target specific memories in your brain and remove mental blockages keeping you from accessing painful memories. Freeing traumatic memories through EMDR therapy allows you to recover from traumatic experiences by addressing and dealing with the emotions that come up as you focus on the memories.

When Is EMDR Useful?

EMDR is a specialized treatment that is most beneficial when working with patients who have a history of trauma and have limited success with traditional talk therapy. Success often relies on the patient’s willingness to surrender to the process and face discomfort while engaging their intellectual and emotional processes. In its purest form, EMDR can help activate the healing process and replace negative associations with positive ones, such as transforming feelings of guilt or horror into a source of strength and survivor’s pride.

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