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Professional Counseling and Guidance for Children and Parents in Southbury, CT

Does it feel like you and your child sometimes live in two different worlds?

Do you feel incapable of coming to an understanding over key issues?

There is little doubt that becoming a parent is among the most fulfilling and meaningful experiences. However, it can also be equally challenging, frustrating, and even overwhelming. At times it feels like all we can do is throw up our hands and hope it works out.

Some of the common challenges parents face include:

  • Uncertainty regarding tough parenting decisions.
  • Manipulative or undermining behavior from children or co-parents.
  • Feeling unempowered or a loss of control.
  • Knowing when to be authoritative versus endearing.
  • Dealing with a child who is acting out or exhibiting troublesome behavior.

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance. A neutral professional can help you make sense of all the confusion and pinpoint precisely what you need to make smart parenting decisions and keep things moving forward. The therapists at Timeless Therapy are here to show you that you have what it takes to be a fantastic parent.

Learn how to sort through the chaos of parenting with solution focused therapy.

Poor parenting can lead to development issues that have long-term consequences. Breaking unhealthy behavior patterns and knowing what to do when the answers do not come easily is part of being a flexible and effectual parent. Our relationship-based approach focuses on your strengths to maximize your parenting abilities.

Some of the strategies we utilize during sessions include:

  • Role-playing.
  • Scripting communication approaches.
  • Creating behavioral plans.
  • Finding ways to provide consistent structure.

At Timeless Therapy, we provide valuable insight and specialized tools for supporting your child as they mature into a successful adult capable of navigating life’s ups and downs.

Addressing Co-Parenting Issues

Separated parents often experience breakdowns in communication and struggle to compromise on important parenting decisions. Unfortunately, clashing parenting styles and lack of consistency create confusion and instability in a child’s life. For example, speaking to them differently or having opposing disciplinary actions may lead them to misunderstand consequences and appropriate conduct.

Many parents fail to realize that sometimes it is less about making the perfect decision and more about making a unified one. While parents do not need to operate identically, they do need to learn to compromise and present a united front. Timeless Therapy clinicians excel at bringing together parents with differing perspectives and getting them on the same page. Together, we will create a stable foundation for your child to grow and thrive.

Navigating COVID-19 from a Parenting Perspective

All across the country, parents are struggling to juggle new aspects of parenting while also working from home. The pandemic has transformed parental roles and created new challenges due to temporary school closures and the transition to distance learning. Today’s parents must learn how to be teachers and enforcers on top of their usual responsibilities.

Along with poor hygiene, incomplete diets, and vitamin D deficiencies, many teenagers lack access to social activities that serve as a vital component of development. It is no surprise that many parents feel guilty disciplining children who live in a world where they cannot even have basic face-to-face interactions with their friends.

Adolescents, in particular, are struggling with extended isolation and loneliness. Moreover, many are developing anxieties from dependence on social media to make sense of themselves and the world. At Timeless Therapy, we strive to help parents find modern solutions to today’s problems so they can feel empowered and in control of their child’s future.

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