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Therapy for Grief and Loss

Individual and group grief counseling in Southbury, CT

Do you feel lost, confused, or entrenched in an overwhelming darkness that you cannot escape?

Are you struggling to pick up the pieces and move forward with your life after losing a loved one?

Grief and loss have the unique capability of cutting to the core of who we are and the way we see the world. It can turn our life upside-down in ways that are challenging to recognize or reconcile, resulting in physical and psychological symptoms that affect day-to-day functioning.

Common symptoms of grief:

  • Pulling back from others or retreating into isolation.
  • Feeling hollow or like you are in a fog or haze.
  • Not knowing what to do next or how to move forward.
  • Overwhelming pessimism or difficulties accepting reality.
  • Inability to trust or form close relationships with others.

People in the throes of grief often do not understand what it is doing to their mind or body. At Timeless Therapy, we provide a safe and secure place where you feel comfortable to explore your reactions and work through emotional challenges. Part of grief counseling is learning how to come to terms with a new reality and redefining life after loss.

Safe and supportive grief and loss counseling for those struggling to see the light

As time passes, you may feel more and more alone. You may feel lost and begin pulling away from others even if you know they care about you. Having the right therapist is vital to help you understand and work through your pain, finding a place to put your grief so you can move forward. Our goal is to show you that you do not need to figure everything out by yourself and that there is a path out of the darkness.

What counts as grief?

Death is not the only way for someone to feel profound grief or loss. For example, losing a job, getting a divorce, or sustaining a life-changing injury can also trigger such feelings. Anything that profoundly changes our perspective or causes us to lose our footing can initiate grief and loss.

When you have so many unanswered questions, it can feel like you are carrying a great burden. Other areas of your life may end up getting sacrificed as you neglect obligations during your search for answers. Or you may take up unhealthy behaviors to alleviate the pain, such as substance abuse.

Is grief a form of stress? What does grief do to the body?

Somebody in the throes of grief can experience high stress levels, but grief itself is not a form of stress. Rather, stress can be a symptom of grief and loss. However, like stress, grief can have a physical effect on the body, such as increased blood pressure and increased risk of blood clots. Emotional pain can impact the same regions of the brain as physical pain, activating the nervous system and causing stress to become chronic.

Dealing with grief and loss during the pandemic

Community plays a huge part in relieving the pain caused by grief and loss. Due to COVID-19, people have lost the ability to come together to mourn and support each other. Moreover, many people are unable to be by their loved one’s side while they are suffering, leading to unresolved loss and sometimes guilt. With no direct target for distress, it becomes even more challenging to deal with the negative energy. Now more than ever, grief and loss counseling provides a vital outlet and means for dealing with emotional turmoil.

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